Why Buy From Us?

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Reason #1: Lowest Prices For The Strength!

We have the absolute LOWEST PRICES for the strength! We offer 300MG, 600MG, 1200MG and 2500MG strength CBD Oil. Compare our prices online or at local shops and you’ll see that no one offers these doses at such a low price!

Reason #2: Lab Tested, Purity & Dose Accuracy!

Since we actually own the hemp crop as well as the manufacturing facility that creates the CBD distillate that is extracted from the hemp plants, we have first hand control of the quality throughout the entire process of producing our CBD products! We control our quality from seed, to maturing the hemp plants, we control how they are harvested and how quickly the plants are extracted for the highest quality possible. Other retailers are using a “third party” crop that they have no control over the quality. We provide lab testing results with every order because lab testing and certification needs to be done on every production series to ensure accuracy!

Reason #3: Fast Discrete Shipping!

We offer super-fast shipping from a location in the U.S. Our finished products are carefully shipped from Maui to a centralized location in the U.S. so that we can ship quickly to anywhere in the United States very quickly. Our inventory is carefully and properly stored in a climate controlled facility to ensure top quality.

The Biggest Reason: Extraction | Purification | Distillation | Full Spectrum

We continuously test our finished CBD Oil products to make sure that each production series is tested for purity and strength accuracy. Yes, this is a third-party laboratory that we DO NOT own. This is very important since you want a product that is accurately tested! We produce a very high-grade (pharmaceutical grade) CBD product. We can only achieve this by having very tight controls over:

  • The Extraction Process
  • The purification process of what is extracted
  • The distillation process of the hemp extract
  • The final production process of creating a full spectrum CBD oil

Many local and online CBD sellers are simply “reselling” another company’s CBD products and may have no knowledge of where the plants are grown, what quality controls are in place, etc. We own the plants and the process the whole way through and can ensure the highest quality products, accurate dosage and effectiveness! Many people can’t believe that we can do this at such a low price, however we have no “middle man” and provide the highest quality product at generic prices for CBD oil!